Our Process

Alliance Group aligns its interests with those of the companies being acquired through the Agglomeration model. The majority of our compensation for setting up the original PLC, deal sourcing and due diligence is accrued in shares in the PLC. We do not receive any cash from the PLC for fees or services rendered.

Every company joining a PLC set up by Alliance Group through the Agglomeration model will first join a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) set up by Alliance Group. Such a SPV may already include other companies that are also scheduled to join. The SPV is also used to reward Introducers and investment partners that may have had to contribute cash in order to facilitate the deal.

The compensation allocated to Alliance Group as part of a transaction serves several purposes.

Firstly, it covers all the internal costs of running Alliance Group. Secondly, the compensation goes into a fund managed by Alliance Group to support the small businesses we work with and the listed companies we are vested in. Alliance Group uses an external provider to ensure that the valuation of the SPV is below market value. Every deal also requires the approval of the majority of the existing Principals and the ratification of the Board of Directors of the PLC that the agglomeration of a company is in the best interests of the PLC. Thirdly, part of the compensation constitutes a fee for rendering advisory services to complete the transaction and provide continued support once a company has joined the agglomeration model. By doing this we can become an institutional investor in the stock. As a long term shareholder, the interests of Alliance Group are completely aligned with the Plc's interests.

The SPV can receive up to, but not exceeding, two times the incoming ebitda in stock in order to accomplish all of the above.