Partnering with profitable companies to go public and consolidate industries.

About Us

Alliance group Capital Markets Ltd is a company in the field of Mergers & Acquisition.
AGCM's mission is to create value for small to medium enterprises around the globe.
We do this through partnering with profitable and relatively debt free companies, leading the initiative to publicly list in order to consolidate each fragmented industry.

SMEs account for approximately 50% of the Global GDP yet receive very limited capital. AGCM intends to solve this problem through collaboration by merging multiple companies within the same industry under one publicly listed holding company.
This creates liquidity, integration opportunities, accelerated growth, larger access to capital & stability.

Our Approach To Growth

Private to Public Partnership

AGCM forms a partnership with private companies earning between $500,000 USD - $5,000,000 USD + in Annual EBIT.

AGCM will access the global marketplace to facilitate a public listing of the company in the most ideal stock exchange. Using our unique strategies and leveraging pre-existing relationships, we ensure the process is as seamless as possible.

Post listing, the AGCM team engages our global outreach team of 50+ professionals in order to approach complimentary companies to rapidly grow businesses from small players to industry leaders!

Public CO Growth

AGCM is an asset to companies which are currently publicly traded!

With a global outreach team of over 50+ professionals, our team is the ideal growth partner to lead the fastest growth strategy there is by acquisition!

AGCM will lead the m/a arm of the company to bring a full pipeline of ideal acquisition targets, rapidly growing the company to new heights and consolidating the industry!

Affiliated Companies

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Press Release

Entrex Carbon Market engages Alliance Group Capital Markets Ltd

News Provided by EIN Presswire

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA, USA, May 16, 2023/ -- Entrex Carbon Market today announced it has executed an Agreement with Alliance Group Capital Markets to manage the acquisition of $40 million in additional EBITDA through a series of corporate acquisitions.
“Anthony and his team offer Entrex a fully operational external merger and acquisition team to roll-up a series of strategic companies without the internal costs” said Stephen H. Watkins CEO of the Entrex Carbon Market. Read More

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Senior Partners

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Associates and Junior Partners

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